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Greetings All!  Valkyre is North Eastern Nevada's premier coatings service!  We are offering local pickup and delivery to folks in the local area.  If you are outside of our area, send us you projects and we will get them done! 

See the 'Valkyre Files" for service updates and changes.



Powder Coating

ZyCoat Thermal protection finishes.


Blasting Services


Going the extra mile for your projects!

10% discount for all veterans  10% for Fire and EMS members

UPS & FedEx shipping available

​Sponsorships for 2022

We also sponsor the "Team Outcast" top blown funny cars.  Check out our gallery for pictures!!

Powder Coating 

85.00/hr  covers prep,labor and single color.

Valkyre offers a full array of colors for your projects.  You can also go to Prismatic Powders website (link below) and have a custom sample pallet sent out.  Prismatic will send it direct to ensure you like what your getting prior to ordering your colors!

New Products Added! 

We work on a variety of projects from wine bottle openers, camping utensils, outdoor furniture, marine parts, aviation parts, cold air intakes, engine parts, suspension parts, etc.  If it’s metal we got you covered 👍🏻!

Valkyre Goodies:

We have hats, shirts, stickers, flasks and other goodies for sale.  Check them out in our store!

Media Basting

We have brought back our blasting services!!   If you have a project that just requires media blasting we have you covered.   Offering work for car frames, trailers, larger projects etc.   Pre-booking appointments now!


         We partner with IFS CoatingsMIT Powder Coating Supply

    Columbia Coatings, Prismatic Powders and To bring you the best colors and textures!

  "We are a Preferred and Qualified Prismatic Applicator!"

We have ZYCOAT For all your Thermal Resistant coating needs!

We are your Western Region Applicator!


Valkyre Coatings

5819 Justin Drive

Elko, NV 89801



Instagram: @valkyrecoatings


Established 2016

; IGY6

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